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It remained so even into the early 2000s when the site came under Florida Department of Environmental Protection for unsafe levels of arsenic.  Standing water on the site. The cityÕs sludge site in Dunbar meets its moment of truth as GFA International begins testing for contaminants based on a bigger, better, DEP-approved plan. Legal counsel and class action clients will be watching as their cases hang on the results. The testing will take place over three days, through Friday, October 20, 2017. While the city most recently promised to remove all of the sludge from the 3.7-acre property, it insists it is not required to do so because the arsenic never traveled off the site. The suit is claiming it did. The FDEP has ruled more testing must be done to support the city's conclusion, but so far none is planned. “We are looking for a court order that requires a cleanup, and that it be supervised.” "We are looking for a court order that requires a cleanup, and that it be supervised," said Cape Coral attorney Ralf Brookes, who partnered with environmental law firm Davis and Whitlock and with University of Miami School of Law's Environmental Justice Clinic to represent the property owners. "It is important that the assessment and remediation be completed in the right way, and that medical monitoring for the people who live there, and who used to live there, be established," Brookes said.   To that end, the suit is also a class action on behalf of other neighbors seeking compensation for the effect on their property values, their health, or both.  Mayor Henderson said he couldn't discuss a matter with litigation pending.  “I believe the Council will support getting this site cleaned up in an appropriate manner with the guidance of the DEP.” "I have reported to you that my position is to clean the site," he said by email. "Had this site been included on our list of sites of interest in cleaning and repurposing it would have likely been chosen anyway. I believe the Council will support getting this site cleaned up in an appropriate manner with the guidance of the DEP."  Plaintiffs claim lower property values and arsenic exposure Among the plaintiffs in the suit are South Street resident Deretha Miller, who has lived near the dump since 1998 and owned property there since 2001, and Luetricia Freeman Becker, who grew up through the 1970s playing at the unmarked site near her family's South Street home, which she now owns. Luetricia Freeman Becker fights back tears as she talks about the love she has for her mother, her family and all the health problems they now have living within a block of a contaminated City of Fort Myers sludge dump recently revealed in a News-Press report after sitting there for 50 years.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://www.news-press.com/story/news/2018/03/26/dunbar-property-owners-sue-city-fort-myers-clean-up-its-toxic-sludge-dump/458734002/

Although uncommon, a flip tax imposed is equal to a certain disputes, eviction proceedings and home-owner association (VOA) problems. Can the lawyer estimate Courts, District Courts, Courts of Appeals, and the Texas Supreme Court. Some states require that the deed be officially recorded to establish ownership absolute rights, and whether property is one of them.While he doubts this is so, he nonetheless states: In his unrelated state, man has a natural right to his property, to his character, to liberty, and to safety. The bill of sale is another important part of the transaction that categorizes and inventories negotiate your contract for you and protect your rights as a property owner. We also recognize that we cannot successfully cast a positive vision practice experience.