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“Minimized overhead will free us up to treat every case with individualized care. We won’t need to churn through volume quickly just to stay profitable.” Legal consulting firm Altman Weil  reports  that while more than 90 percent of managing partners at top law firms see improved practice efficiency as a permanent trend in the future, less than half have changed their approach accordingly. In this respect, Grüneberg and Myers is different. “More and more, we see clients adopting new technologies and workflows. Our model will provide the flexibility to support these efforts and grow with clients into the future, whatever it may bring,” noted Grüneberg. Launched in September 2017,  Grüneberg and Myers PLLC  is a 100 percent female- and minority-owned international patent firm. With a broad and sophisticated practice, the firm provides a full range of patent support services, including patent prosecution, counseling, post-grant representation, and M&A due diligence to meet the growing and diverse needs of U.S.-based, European, and Asian companies, entrepreneurs, and inventors. Press Releases : Industry news brought to you by Posted In: Attorneys , International , IP News , IPWatchdog Articles , Articles , Law Firms , People , Press Releases Warning & Disclaimer: The pages, articles and comments on do not constitute legal advice, nor do they create any attorney-client relationship. The articles published express the personal opinion and views of the author and should not be attributed to the author’s employer, clients or the sponsors of

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