Court Proceedings Have Begun, And Will Continue For Several Months, At The Very Least.

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Jorge (pictured above), a tenant on rent strike who lives with his wife and two kids in a 1BR unit, saw his rent go from $950 to $1300 per month ($350, a 37% increase). He’s concerned because he just wants his kids to be able to live a normal life, and “not worry about a meal for tomorrow because all our money is going to the rent.” The tenants immediately organized themselves, and are currently also being assisted by the VyBe chapter of the Los Angeles Tenants Union (LATU), whose Eastside Local played a supporting role in the Mariachis’ victory. The tenants have asked for negotiations with the landlord in order to come to an agreement that provides for much more limited rent increases over a set period of time — something similar to the groundbreaking contract agreed to by the Mariachis and BJ Turner. But these requests for face-to-face meetings have been met with refusal. 36 tenants began a rent strike in March, and roughly 50 joined them this month in April, bringing the total to about 85. The original 36 were served eviction notices pretty quickly, and the next 50 have also just been served this week. Court proceedings have begun, and will continue for several months, at the very least. They are being represented by Elena Popp of the Eviction Defense Network. According to her, eviction cases like these, if all tenants ask for jury trials, as is their constitutional right, would take 6–8 months at a minimum.

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