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“Now I don't know who called him Shady Schuette, but I like the term,” Dr. Jim Hines said, a Saginaw-area physician and Republican gubernatorial candidate. Schuette's campaign responded late Wednesday afternoon to the "shady" refererences. "Brian Calley, who has taken taxpayer-funded paychecks and benefits for more than a decade, is desperately trying to hide his record of standing with (former Michigan Gov.) Jennifer Granholm on taxes, (former President) Barack Obama on Obamacare, and (Presidential candidate) Hillary Clinton in trying to stop President Trump, without whom a liberal would have taken the place of (U.S. Supreme Court) Justice (Antonin) Scalia and auto jobs would not have been brought to Michigan from Mexico," Schuette spokesman John Sellek wrote in a prepared statement. Democrats saw 13 On Your Side's reporting of the mud-slinging and issued a statewide press release in response to it. “Whether it’s at a town hall or on TV, everywhere you look at this Republican primary it’s already negative, nasty and getting worse,” said Michigan Democratic Party spokesperson Sam Newton. “This kind of growing GOP civil war doesn’t do anything to fix Michigan’s declining roads, schools, and clean water. It just promises to leave behind a damaged Republican nominee four months from now, who is clinging to the extreme right-wing of the Republican Party.” Democrats also have a competitive primary on their hands but it hasn't been quite as contentious. A poll done by Marketing Resource Group (MRG) last month showed political newcomer Shri Thanedar with a 3-percentage point lead over primary favorite Gretchen Whitmer. Thanedar got 21-percent while Whitmer has 18-percent. In September, Thanedar sat at 3-percent. MRG reported its polling showed Thanedar is "the best-known name in the Democratic field, raising his name recognition to 45-percent among all voters." ►Make it easy to keep up to date with more stories like this.

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